Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bathroom Renovation Phase 1-Progress!

We are truly Weekend Warriors as far as DIY is concerned!  Credit must be given where credit it due however, and today the credit goes to.....Meme!  B's mom took Finn for the whole day today so that we could do the super messy/stinky stuff that we didn't want him to be around. 

This was Prep Day 1 (Saturday)  Removal of the old hideous light & wall-mounted medicine cabinet only to discover that the previous owners/builder didn't bother to install a proper junction box behind the lighting.  Looks like they pretty much just sledgehammered a hole in the drywall to thread the wires through. 

Diligent hubby sanding away:

Finn is helping!

New j-box is in and the walls are painted!

Cabinets are de-drawered and de-doored.  Prelim sanding was done on them, but there's more coming next week on that.

 Walls are all done & look great!

 Close-up on the cabinets, and a final look at the nasty sinnk & vanity top.  Those bad boys are coming out next weekend!

So that's it!  The progress for the weekend.  Next weekend is counters/sink/cabinets, the following weekend is the fun part; accessorizing! 

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  1. Can't wait to see that sink go! Looking forward to more progrss pics...