Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly-Phase 1

Ok, here are the photos of our bathroom (Phase 1)  They aren't pretty, but they will be when I'm done with them!

The Good:  The floors
I love the floors in the sink area.  They're beautiful, neutral & easy to clean. 
I wish they had put a base back on the cabinets though when they had installed it....

The Bad:  The Lighting
I have no words.  Actually I do, they are hideous, horrible, annoying, frusterating.  I could go on.  I swear we replace these bulbs ALL.THE.TIME and they still burn out randomly.  Plus this lighting is less than flattering, which is never good.

The Ugly:  The Cabinets
Need I say more?  I hate the hinges, the hardware the color.  This might work in a lot of people's houses (think farmhouse) but in a contemporary style house?  Not so much.

Here are a few other gems, for you to wrap your brain around:

Finally, a sneak peek at the transition between the sink flooring & the main bathroom floor tile.  'Cause I just know you were sitting on the edges of your seat about it ;)

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